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The "INGP " company was founded in 2009.The Head Office of the company is situated in Teheran, The Islamic Republic of Iran. The offices are also situated in Kish and moscow, Russia.

The mission of "INGP " is to create a business of an international level, promoting economical and social development of Iran and Russia. Due to these goals a decision concerning implementation of the programme of corporative structuring was made by the governing bodies of the company, in the course of which the assets of the company unite in a specialized holding. We suggest that such structuring of business promotes the realization of the highest possible resources in each field of activity and makes the company business more comprehensible for potential partners.

The "INGP " company holds a position of a strategical partner in the structure of business, participating in the process of defining the most interesting possibilities for investment, approves the development strategies for every of businesses, participates in the administration of businesses through its representatives in the observation councils of corresponding branch companies of those countries we are working in.

The "INGP " activity is aimed at the production and services supply of Russian enterprises in Iran and countries of the Middle East, concentrating in the current time on such main spheres of business as:

  • Integrated Development of Oil and Gas Fields;
  • Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Pipe Lines;
  • Equipment and spare details supply for oil-and-gas industry;
  • Implementation of technical solutions, concerning projecting, expertise, certification, building and oil-and-gas objects exploitation;
  • Freight car, metallurgical, mining equipment and cranage.
  • Investment and Development of Special Economic and Free Zones.
  • Our corporative values are reliability and respect in a partnership, meaning our basic prioriries are:

  • We will carry out all promised;
  • Long-term relations prevailing over momentart profit;
  • Respect to the principles and views of partners, traditions of the countries we are working in.

  • Achievements

    Our success is demonstrated by our year-on-year growth-rates. INGP continues to achieve significant growth alongside outstanding product development.


    INGP provides the highest levels of reliability in all aspects of our business: design, production, service and relationships with our clients.


    INGP is a responsible corporate citizen and we care deeply about our social and environmental commitments. Year on year we increase our activity in this sphere across the company.


    INGP aims to develop long-term partnerships across the world. We work in partnership with our clients across all sectors including, direct clients, suppliers, employees and government institutions.


    Recent News

    jun 2020
    In 20th May 2020, Based on the “Gilan Provincial High Council” confirmation, signed a cooperation agreement for mutual cooperation in development of LAHIJAN Special Economic Zone (LSEZ) between “GILAN PROVINICIAL GOVERNMENT” and “INTER NAFT GAS PROM PARS HOLDING” (INGP).
    Jan 2019
    In 28th January 2019, “KURDESTAN PROVINICIAL GOVERNMENT” and “ INTER NAFT GAS PROM PARS HOLDING”(INGP) signed a cooperation agreement for mutual cooperation in development of MARIVAN special economic zone.
    Oct 2018
    In 26th September .2018, “KURDESTAN PROVINICIAL GOVERNMENT” and “ INTER NAFT GAS PROM PARS HOLDING”(INGP) signed a cooperation agreement for mutual cooperation in development of MARIVAN free trade zone and special economic industrial zone