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Drilling Systems JSC

Drilling Systems JSC


Drilling Systems JSC is a drilling contractor operating in the market since 2005. The Company provides innovative drilling technology and equipment, all kinds of drilling and comprehensive oilfield services in most of the significant oil and gas markets in Russia. The Company’s headcount is 660 employees including geology, drilling fluids, machinery, drilling technology, electrical equipment disciplines, which ensure competitive technological leadership of the company in the market. The Company’s specialists have supervised and managed drilling of more than 2,000 challenging wells in remote areas with seasonal constraints in logistics and extreme temperatures of the Eastern and Western Siberia, Komi, Volga region, Kazakhstan. The company has a well-equipped operations base, brand-new drilling equipment and low-bed trailers. We continuously improve our relations with the leading oil companies, offering high-quality service and standards, and advancedtechnology concepts.
The base of Drilling Systems company is a history of the leaders and experts in drilling industry, such as UdmurtneftBureniye (subsidiary of Udmurtneft Oil Company) and the First National Drilling Company (RITEK, subsidiary of LUKOIL), established in the beginning of 2000.
The concept of these Companies was based on the necessity to meet growing demand for production and exploration drilling and provide higher HC recovery in the fields that have been discovered more than 20 years ago. Acquired lateral drilling technologies enabled the FNDC to steadily become one of the leaders in Russia.
Thus, accumulated experience and equipment of parent companies have become the ground for quick growth and dynamic development of the Drilling Systems Company with a focus on high-skilled drilling of any type of wells.

Scope of services:

  • Well construction process management
  • Drilling of oil and gas wells
  • Engineering support of well drilling
  • Horizontal sidetracking
  • Drilling mud servicing
  • Rigging-up operations

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