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Geo TechMonitoring (GTM)

07Sep 2016

GTM Company was founded in January 2009. The company's main office is located in Moscow. The company has 2 filial located in Ufa (Bashkortostan) and Kazan (Tatarstan). Highly qualified specialists work in the company the design of field development processes of oil and gas, including a doctorate.

Main activities

  • Preparation of project documents for the development of oil and gas fields;
  • Construction of static and dynamic models of oil and gas fields;
  • Analysis of the current state of development of oil and gas;
  • Programming activities for the further development of oil and gas fields; issuing recommendations on the application of technologies to increase oil recovery factor and gas.The experience of the work done During the period 2009-2016 GTM done:
  • More than 300 examinations of project development of oil and gas fields on the order of a public authority "Rosnedra CDC."
  • Is made up of about 200 projects entirely and separate sections of the design development of oil and gas fields.

    Software tools that are used in mathematical modeling

    Our company uses in the simulation software of the Norwegian company «ROXAR», based on the official license

    Mathematical modeling results:

    Determined by the change in the geological structure of the deposit on the basis of mathematical modeling, the construction of a dynamic model of specialists get information about the current state of mining, problems arise in the system development .In further adjustments are entered in the project., outlined measures to stabilize and increase oil and gas production, increase hydrocarbon recovery factor from the reservoir, including the placement of wells in new areas of the field, the choice of well design, their profile, Methods of completion of wells (with the open whole, cased or shank) autopsy offered technology of productive strata, as primary and secondary. Recommendations on the use of production methods (Fountain pumping operation). Are recommended to increase production technologies, such as fracturing, sidetracking in existing wells, various chemical processing layers, the physical methods of influence, technology aimed at regulating reservoir and bottomhole pressure (use reservoir pressure maintenance technology, guidance on the application types displacing agents, leveling of injectivity profile of injection wells) and a number of other technologies, which number in the database of more than 3,000 titles.


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