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08Mar 2015

Kurganhimmash is one of the leading Russian enterprises to design and manufacture technological equipment for oil gas production, oil gas refining, chemical, energy, metallurgic, -machine-building and the other fields of production.
The company implements development of technologies for different processes, implements design, installation, supervision, start up and commissioning operations.
A unique manufacturing experience to produce a specialized equipment of any degree of complexity, modern technological equipment and high qualified personnel of Kurganhimmashallows to implement modern technologies and expand the range of manufacture actively.

Products of Kurganhimmash

  • Currently Kurganhimmash manufactures over 2000 titles of production. The range of products covers almost the entire variety of typical and specialized equipment.
  • First of all it is the equipment for development of surface facilities of oil and gas fields, repairs and service of main pipeline, oil tankers, and modular-equipment packages including utilization of the associated oil gas. The enterprise also manufactures compressor, heat exchanging, column and many kinds of equipment.
  • Kurganhimmashaims to meet all the requirements of its customers by constantly expanding the range and improving the technology of the products being manufactured. A high scientific and engineering technical potential which has been accumulated by Kurganhimmashfor over 50 years lets the enterprise design and manufacture equipment in the highest level.
  • The enterprise has an engineering department which is focused to develop equipment with customer's specific conditions including modular equipment with elements of automation or a full complex of Process Control System

  • In March 2015"Kurganhimmash «and“Inter Naft Gas Prom Pars Holding “(INGP) announced about joint cooperation based on “INGP Holding” legal and exclusive Agent of "Kurganhimmash " in territory of Iran. Today the cooperation based on to organize of sale, service, and assembly and Manufacturing of “"Kurganhimmash” production in stages in the territory of Islamic Republic Of Iran

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