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21Jun 2017

NOVATEKH Company, established in 2009, has been working in the market of oil and gas services in Russia in three main directions:

  • • Development of new technologies and materials for drilling, oil recovery increase and gas/oil well repair activities
  • • Continuous improvement of the company’s production sites in Surgut and NovyUrengoy regions (Siberia-Russia)
  • • Development of the sites’ exclusive transport system for supply chain

  • Mission of the company is mutually beneficial cooperation in the ‘oil recovery increase’ activities as well as solving various problems in repair and drilling works.
    More than 140 experienced engineers, mechanics, scientific and technical specialists work in the company. The staffs are completely experienced in the oil/gas industry in all regions of Russian Federation. Regular training is conducted for the personnel and required attestations are obtained. A professional personnel reserve system isapplied in the company in order to flexibly respond to the changes in the volume and complexity of the work performed.
    The production units, in the sites in Western Siberia, are equipped with high-tech machinery and connected to national railways with exclusive transport system. The area of the warehouses of the company is more than 20,000 m2. The amount of production of the company is more than 9000 tons in 2016.
    Competitive advantages of the company are:
  • • Development and production of reagents for various types of reservoirs with different permeability •
  • • Optimal cost ofthe products
  • • Possibility of delivering products in the shortest possible time by own cargo transport •
  • • Carrying out of services and professional support of works
  • • Engineering support of the stages of completion, development, repair and operation of oil and gas wells by qualified personnel •
  • • Successful experiencesin laboratory and research works
  • Proposed advanced solutions for solving problems encountered during drilling
  • • Materials and technologies for completion and workover consists of salt compositions for completion, well testing, workover and well killing including compositions based on hydrocarbons with anti-corrosion additives
  • • Materials and technologies for well bore treatment consists of acid and demulsify compositions, compositions for dissolve and dispersing of clay particles, for destroying stable emulsions, for dissolve and dispersing asphalting and wax
  • • Compositions for well killing consists of compositions for viscosity increasing for water-based solutions with any degree of mineralization without fillers, compositions for viscosity increasing for oil-based solutions and compositions for reducing solutions’ losses
  • • Materials and technologies for casing treatment consists of compositions for elimination of casing leakage, casing circulations, shutting off water formations and salt water income to the bore hole
  • • Materials and technologies for elimination of mud losses consist of cement compositions, additives and fillers for elimination of any level of mud losses for sandstones and limestones


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