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Polycell SPA CJSC

“Polycell Scientific and Production Association” closed joint-stock company

31Aug 2016

“Polycell Scientific and Production Association” closed joint-stock company (Polycell SPA CJSC) is a producer and supplier of chemicals for oil and gas industry. The broad spectrum of our chemicals makes it possible to solve a large range of diverse problems in oil field drilling and development as well as provide support for maintenance overhaul of and repair-and-renewal operations on gas, condensate, and oil wells.
Polycell SPA CJSC was founded in 2006 to meet the demands for chemical reactants and materials by leading Russian oil, gas, and service companies for constructing gas, condensate, and oil well sites of different complexity all over Russia.
Our business model envisages comprehensive support of oil and gas well site construction with highly efficient materials and reactants.
The high quality of our reactants is guaranteed by total process control. The fully integrated production and the research departments provide a highly customized approach to producing reactants according to orders from particular customers. “Polycell SPA” CJSC has its own continuing education and analysis center that provides training courses for specialists in service support of drill fluids.
The Company holds annual research and workshop training conferences, attended by leading specialists from chemical and oil and gas industry, participates in international exhibitions and forums, and has been duly honored for corporate achievements with the certificates “For Industrial Leadership” and “Russian Industry Leader”. Polycell SPA CJSC is a prize winner of the annual competition “100 Best Russian Companies. Ecology and Environmental Management, «and has adopted the ISO 9001-2008 standard. Quality Management Requirements. Our recipe for success combines an up-to-date approach to customized production of reactants, reliable quality management, and reasonable price policy. MAIN DIRECTIONS OF ACTIVITY:

  • Reactants and materials for water-based drill fluids
  • Special Purpose Reactants
  • Waterproofing and Bridging Materials
  • Well Cementing Materials and Reactants
  • Non-aqueous Materials and Reactants
  • Drinking and Service Water Purification Agents

  • Polycell contact Info

    Address: 3 Lineynayast., Vladimir, 600020 Russia
    TE: +7(4922) 32-33-54, 42-02-95,
    Website: www.





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