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Raman Energy Development CJST

17Jul 2017

Raman Energy Development CJSTwas established in 2008 based on experiences of its valuable managers. Head office of the company is in Tehran, Iran. Major activities of the company are in the field of industrial and services in oil and gas projects, recycling projects and construction of renewable energy power plants.
Raman Energy Development Holding has a strategic agreement with Inter Naft Gas Prom Pars (INGP) Company for cooperation in projects in the field of oil and gas in Iran.
Raman Energy Development Holdingmanages different projects through its subsidiary companies i.e. Raman Industry, Raman Drilling and Raman Renewables. Based on the field of each projects, associated subsidiary is involved in the project.

Raman Energy Consortium

Based on the strategic agreement between INGP and Raman Energy Development Holding, the Russian partners of INGP are involved in oil and gas projects in territory of Iran within Raman Energy Consortium framework.


• Supplying 12 Uralmash 2000 hp land drilling rigs :
Based on the purchase contract between Raman Energy Development Holding and Uralmash Oil & Gas Equipment Holding, 12 Uralmash land rigs will be supplied to the Holding so that 30% of the rigs’ equipmentis manufactured in Iran by Raman Industry Company (i.e. a subsidiary of the Holding).
• Construction of Scrap Tires’ Recycling Plant:
Raman Industry Company, as subsidiary of Raman Energy Development Holding, has been involved in construction of a plant for recycling scrap tires. The technology, applied for the plant, is the most modern technology of recycling that is totally environment-friendly. The capacity of the plant is 24 tons scrap tire per day.
• Photovoltaic Power Plant:
Raman Renewables Company, as subsidiary of Raman Energy Development Holding, has been involved in construction of a Photovoltaic power plant (10 MW installed capacity) in Iran.
• Wind Farm:
Construction of a 50 MW wind farmin Iran, with foreign investment and modern wind turbines, is managed by Raman Renewables Company(as subsidiary of Raman Energy Development Holding).
• Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant :
Raman Industry Companyhas been involved in a project for establishment of a CHP plant in Iran.




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