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SINTEK technologies are applied in elimination of casing leakage (annular space), liquidation of behind-the-casing circulation, in case of shutting off watered formations (layers).
SINTEK materials increasesedimentation stability, adhesion tometal and rocks. It is an efficient reagent forreducing water loss of the cement slurry. SINTEKmaterial ”Granit” used forelimination of casing leakage (annular space), liquidation of behind-the-casing circulation. SINTEKmaterial ”Isoplast” used for making temporary blocking screens during workover. SINTEK polymer solution “Monolit” used for shutting watered formations and for increasing adhesive strength at formation-cement-metal interface.
SINTEK technologies are used for:
1. Production casing sealing
2. Behind the casing circulation liquidation
3. Recreation of cement stone behind the productioncasing
4. Watered layers (interlayers) isolation
5. Temporary reservoir isolation before hydraulicfracture
6. Inter casing cross flows liquidation
7. Production casing bonding during well constructionand after well
Efficiency of SINTEK technologies are more than 90%.

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