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Ufa State Petroleum Technological University

13Nov 2016

Ufa State Petroleum Technological University is located in Ufa, the Republic of Bashkortostan. It is one of the most economically and politically stable regions of Russia. The dominating industries encompass oil and gas production and petrochemistry as well as high-tech machine building. The economic policy of the Republic is aimed at its continual development with simultaneous integration into the system of All-Russian and international economic ties.
Bashkortostan’s industrial potential is based on its fuel and energy complex comprising oil and gas production, oil refining, petrochemical, chemical and machine-building industries. Huge intellectual potential, powerful industry, ample raw resources, political and ethnic stability as well as well-developed system of public authorities and elaborated legislative base allow the republic to maintain favorable investment climate and successfully develop foreign economic relations.
Ufa city, the capital of Bashkortostan, is an administrative, political, economic, scientific and cultural center of the Republic. The city is located at the bottom of the Ural Mountains and is surrounded by three rivers.
The nature of the Republic is graced with transcendent beauty which is famous far beyond Bashkortostan’s boundaries. There are scenic mountain ridges, magnificent plains, interminable steppe and dense forests, splendid rivers and lakes. Everyone who visits Ufa is impressed by the beauty of its natural landscape.
Fuel, chemical, petrochemical, machine-building and metal-working complexes form the basis of the city’s diversified industry.
There are 6 universities located in Ufa, which are ranked among top technical higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation. The Republic’s manpower academic potential is concentrated in universities. Around 75 % of all university instructors have academic degrees. World-renowned research schools on organic chemistry of high-molecular compounds, petrochemistry and oil refining are successfully functioning in Ufa.

USPTU History

The establishment and development of Ufa State Petroleum Technological University goes hand in hand with the accelerated growth of the oil and gas and petrochemical industries in Bashkortostan and in the East of Russia. In 1941 when the fascist army was approaching Moscow, the Petroleum Institute named after academic I.M. Gubkin was evacuated to Bashkortostan. In 1943 the Institute moved back to Moscow, leaving behind its branch in Ufa with around 150 students studying at its faculties. In the post-war years due to a new stage in the development of the oil and gas industry Bashkortostan and the Ural-Volga region sought highly-qualified oilfield workers and engineers to work in the oil and gas sector. Thereby by the Order of the Council of Ministers Ufa Petroleum Institute was created on the basis of Moscow Petroleum Institute.
Oil Mining and Technological faculties were the first faculties set up in Ufa Petroleum Institute. Around 400 students entered these faculties. Among them there were 150 students who studied full-time. 15 chairs of the Institute employed 38 instructors including 3 Candidates of Sciences. First young professionals - 14 mechanical engineers - graduated from the Institute in 1950.
The Institute became an essential element in the system that was aimed at increasing the oil and gas share in the fuel balance of the country as it trained engineers for the oil and gas producing and refining industries. Having become independent, the Institute started to develop very quickly. Each year in the institute’s history was marked by large-scale achievements. From 1951 till 1955 the following chairs had been set up: the Chair of Physical Chemistry; Processes and Devices; Metal Technology; Applied Mechanics; Heat Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Economics; Organization and Planning. Later on the Chair of Oil and Gas Transportation and Storage and the Chair of Industrial Processes Automation were set up as independent entities.
From the very beginning the Institute’s management set a course for the training of its own professionals selected from the number of the most bright and talented graduates. This course had been steadily maintained through all the years of the university’s existence, which enabled the institution to create a “gold fund” of academics and researchers forming its intellectual potential.
By the mid 1960s the Institute represented a complex educational structure with a solid material basis capable of providing the oil production and refining of the Ural-Volga region with qualified engineers who could work in practically all the required fields. Within a decade from 1956 till 1965 around 3358 engineers had been trained to work in the industry.
In the late 1980s Ufa Petroleum Institute became an academic, scientific and production complex, a member of the Academic and Methodic Association of Higher Educational Institutions in the oil and gas field. Advanced methodic, scientific and technical innovations became an integral part in the training of future engineers.
In the early 1990s informatization and computer processes penetrated into all areas of institute’s activities. The Chairs of Computer Engineering and Engineering Cybernetics were established, a new discipline called microprocessor technology was introduced into all syllabi.
The university’s history is the history of construction of new study, sports and recreation buildings, the expansion of the university’s campus, the constant upgrade of laboratory and research equipment. The basic area of the university’s activity encompasses the training of highly-qualified professionals – Candidates and Doctors of Sciences. In general, scientific research has been conducted in the Institute since the early days of its existence. The university has always offered to its students an opportunity to continue their education on postgraduate and doctoral degree programs.
Thus, the university entered the twenty first century as a strong, well-equipped higher educational institution adapted to modern conditions. It provides training professionals in all main fields of the oil and gas industry from oil and gas field exploration (The Faculty of Geology and Geophysics was established in 1987), oil and gas well drilling, development and operation of oil and gas fields, oil and gas transportation and storage, oil and gas refining to management and downstream operations.
In addition to it, the university trains professionals on all specialties required for operating basic technological processes in oil and gas production and refining – mechanical engineers who can operate oil and gas field equipment, oil refining and petrochemical equipment, specialists on automation of oil production and oil refining facilities as well as technicians, providing safe production conditions and solving environmental issues, related to basic technological processes for oil and gas production and refining. The university also offers a wide range of construction specialties on all building stages – from an architectural design to its implementation and operation of a finished building.


Bearing the status of State-financed educational institution of higher professional education Ufa State Petroleum Technological University (USPTU) ranks among the leading technical universities of the Russian Federation. The university has branches in three Bashkortostan cities Salavat, Sterlitamak and Oktyabrsky that offer graduate and professional degree programs.
Since its foundation in 1943, the University has acquired an excellent reputation for the quality of teaching and research as well as student care services. USPTU has modern infrastructure comprising study and work training premises with the total area of more than 225 thousand square meters.
The University has a broad range of programs which are designed to offer students valuable and relevant skills. These are petroleum and pipeline engineering, geology and mineral survey, heat and power energetics, chemical and biotechnology, environment protection, electrical engineering, control engineering, informatics and computer science, industrial and civil engineering, economics and management. Developing students’ skills and expertise, the programs enable them to specialize in their chosen field at the highest level of competence and be useful in today’s job market.
The university successfully cooperates with many local, national and international companies and attracts a lot of students from overseas countries. USPTU is integrated into the international higher education system and since 1996 it has been a full member of International Association of Universities.
For many decades of its existence the university has trained over 80 thousand specialists with higher professional education including the representatives from 56 regions of the Russian Federation and 60 foreign states. The graduates of the university now work for companies in the fuel and energy complex, construction industry, oil and gas production enterprises of the Russian Federation and foreign countries. More than 40 thousand Russian and overseas specialists have completed professional development and retraining programs at USPTU so far.
There are 8 faculties on the university campus. These are Oil Mining, Technological, Mechanical Faculties, the Faculty of Pipeline Transportation, the Faculty of Architecture and Construction, the Faculty of Industrial Processes Automation, the Institute of Economics, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The University has also the Faculty of Distance Education, the Institute for Additional Professional Education and the Center for Preliminary Training that places a high emphasis on teaching the Russian Language to students from overseas countries.
Today over 18 000 students are completing training on Bachelor’s, Master’s and Engineer’s degree programs. Around 500 people are enrolled on Doctorate degree programs. There are 19 fields of Bachelor’s Degree programs, 14 fields for training Masters, 3 educational programs for training Engineers, 30 Doctorate degree programs, 162 professional development and professional retraining programs that allow for obtaining additional qualification and new type of professional activity.
The university employs over 1300 high-skilled teaching staff members with 70% of them having academic degrees and ranks of Associate Professor, Professor, Candidate and Doctor of Science. The average age of the university’s teaching faculty and staff does not exceed 48 years. The university’s staff is dedicated to helping students develop practical skills and carefully plan their future careers. As a result of such a well-proven approach, USPTU graduates are found worldwide, making significant contributions in their fields.

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