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Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding" LLC


In June 2010 "Uralmash" MBC and United Capital Partners (UCP) group of companies announced about foundation of the biggest company in Russia for drilling equipment production - "Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding" LLC.
Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding united the engineering and manufacturing capabilities of "Uralmash" MBC and UCP (as the owner of "URBO" Ltd.). "Uralmash-Tekhservice", a service enterprise entering before OMZ group, affiliated to the holding.
The capabilities of Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding enable to design, to produce drilling rigs of all types, and to render the complete range of services.
Today Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding produces the following types of drilling rigs and equipment:

  • Mobile drilling rigs of 160-200 tones/352,740-440,925 lb. load capacity.
  • Fixed drilling rigs for single well drilling of 320-600 tones/705,479-1,322,774 lb. load capacity.
  • Fixed drilling rigs for cluster drilling of 160-320 tones/352,740-705,479 lb. load capacity.
  • "Train"-type-drilling rigs for cluster drilling of 250-450 tones/551,156-992,080 lb. load capacity.

  • Besides complete drilling rigs, Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding produces drilling equipment sets, units, assemblies and spare parts for drilling rigs, upgrades drilling rigs of all types designed for drilling of deep exploratory and production wells. The company also designs and produces drilling rigs for offshore platforms.
    "uralmash " LLC gives particular attention to perfection of methods of works performance and rendering of services, investing as into carrying out of scientific researches on lines of activity of groups and "uralmash " laboratories, and into increasing of professional qualification of company employees.
    All the drilling rigs produced according to Customer's individual requirements.Drilling rigs have modular and container design with factory assembled modules, intermodular communications made with quick-release connections. Drilling rigs transported as small units (containers) by trailers and as assemblies - by general-purpose transport.
    Drilling rigs are equipped with a fully adjustable AC variable-frequency drive. AC motors of the drives powered through a silicon-controlled rectifier of container design, by diesel-electric stations or power transmission lines. Drilling rigs completed with a Driller's cabin, equipped with a system of ventilation and air conditioning. Drilling rigs completed with a single- or two-speed drawworks. Drawworks motor also operates as the main brake and bit feed controller.
    Drilling rigs tailored for top drive system installation.
    Drilling rigs are equipped with automated control systems, which allow controlling the operation parameters of all systems of the drilling rig from the Driller's console.
    Drilling rigs design allows minimizing an adverse impact on the environment.
    Drilling rigs correspond to all the requirements of the industrial safety:
  • diesel-electric stations with automated firefighting systems;
  • loud-speaking communication, video surveillance, audio alarm systems;
  • mud pumps, rotary table and drawworks drives interlock systems;
  • Automated balanced system of ventilation;
  • Derrick man evacuation system;
  • Environmental control devices.

  • In August 2014"Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding" and “Inter Naft Gas Prom Pars Holding “(INGP) announced about joint cooperation based on “INGP Holding” legal and exclusive Agent of "Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding" in territory of Iran. Today the cooperation based on to organize of sale, service, and assembly and Manufacturing of “Uralmash NGO Holding” production in stages in the territory of Islamic Republic Of Iran.

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