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Lahijan Special Economic Zone

Lahijan Special Economic Zone

Lahijan Special Economic Zone

Lahijan Special Economic Zone



Advantages and investment opportunities in Lahijan Special Economic Zone


1- One of the few special economic zones in Iran with agricultural land use

2- Establishment of Lahijan Special Economic Zone in the north of Iran, which has been one of the main agriculturalareas in Iran with special agricultural products such as: rice, peanuts, olives and related products - citrus - watermelon,etc.

3- Due to its proximity to the Caspian Sea, Gilan province has important centers for the production and breeding ofsturgeon and caviar, salmon, which has been considered by Caspian Sea littoral countries.

4- Proximity of Lahijan Special Economic Zone to large ports on the Caspian Sea

5- Possibility of transit of goods by reducing the time and cost from the Caspian Sea countries to the Persian Gulfcountries and the Oman Sea through rail and road routes (being located in the north-south corridor route – Nostrak)

6- Iran's accession to the Eurasian Treaty, which plays an important role in reducing export and import costs thatreduce the cost of goods and products.

7- Easy access to the countries of Iran's neighboring region, which will have a great impact on reducing the cost ofgoods.

8- Access to skilled and low cost labor, which reduces production costs and increases income.

9- Creating a suitable platform in Lahijan Special Economic Zone, including infrastructure, creating internationalfinancial and insurance centers, establishing customs, creating regional marketing and consulting centers, thepossibility of creating a trade mark and branding of goods.

10- Import of raw materials without the need for clearance for processing and conversion into the added value of goods,which leads to reduced costs in exporting and re-exporting goods.

11- Possibility of creating a regional commodity exchange with the priority of agricultural commodity exchange12- Creating a hub and the main regional center of target goods with a focus on exporting goods

13- Establishment of export terminals for agricultural and aquatic goods, creation of export and import ports for thepurpose of accelerating and facilitating maritime transport of goods and reducing the cost of time

14- 5 to 10 year tax exemption for companies operating in Lahijan Special Economic Zone

15- Creating a smart economic zone with the defined uses in the region

16- Appropriate and useful benefit with economic and financial justification of eco-tourism and tourism industryaccording to the tourism capacity of the regions and also the possibility of accessing to one of the most famous andbest international wetlands,(Amir Kalayeh wetland)

17- Possibility of creating domestic and foreign maritime tourism due to the proximity of Lahijan Special EconomicZone to the Caspian Sea

18- Proximity to equipped medical and health centers in Gilan province in the direction of medical tourism and alsothe possibility of creating equipped medical centers

19- The possibility of establishing international accommodation centers to attract tourists, as well as the constructionand transfer of accommodation to foreign nationals in the region in accordance with the law of the Islamic Republicof Iran, which in various ways, including long-term, lease time(time share), and...

20- The possibility of creating sports centers in line with sports tourism, such as: equestrian maneuvers withinternational standards, golf course, suitable football field and beach volleyball, etc. to attract sports tourists.

21- Lahijan Special Economic Zone, in order to branding the region in the target countries, this issue will definitelyhave a great impact on the marketing of domestic and foreign factories and companies located in the region.

22- Alignment of insurance law and labor law between special zones and free zones according to the specialinstructions specified by the Ministry of Labor and the Social Welfare Organization for the personnel working in thearea.

23- Construction permits are based on the regulations of free and special zones and are free of charge.

24- The import of machinery to set up and operate factories and companies to carry out the production of the desiredgoods, as well as equipping factories and companies for free and not paying tolls for operation in the region.

25- Possibility of creating and establishing branches of foreign companies, centers and brands in the region andregistration of foreign companies by foreign nationals with 100% ownership.

After launching and implementing, some issues related to tourism are considered, which can be added to the activitiesof Lahijan Special Economic Zone; it has been the special economic zone of Fouman and Shaft in the province, whichhas a very high capacity for investment. Among the famous tourist places, we can mention the historical city ofMasouleh and Qaleh Rudkhan. The elite of this region is subject to the new conditions of construction and creation ofspecial zones and does not have a resolution, but it has been approved by the Economic Commission and theparliament.

Free and Special Economic Zones of the Northern Provinces – Around the Caspian Sea

1- Anzali Free Zone Organization
2- Astara Special Economic Zone (Responsible Organization: Ports and Maritime) - Gilan Province

3- Nowshahr Special Economic Zone (Port Authority) / (Responsible Organization: Ports and Maritime) - MazandaranProvince

4- Fereydoun Kenar Special Economic Zone (Port) / (Responsible organization: Ports and Maritime) - MazandaranProvince

5- Amirabad Special Economic Zone (Port) / (Responsible Organization: Ports and Maritime) - Mazandaran Province

6- Atrak Special Economic Zone (Responsible Organization: Industrial Towns Company) - Golestan / It will betransformed into Injeh Barun free zone.

7- Lahijan Special Economic Zone (Responsible Organization: I.N.G.P) - Gilan ProvinceNote: Provinces of the Caspian Sea (Gilan - Mazandaran - Golestan)

Summary of specific activities that can be implemented in Lahijan Special Economic Zone

1- Produce leather-like fabric from tea

2- Production of fabric from recycling

3- Creating smart greenhouses

4- Establishment of internal and external scientific and research centers regarding knowledge-based agriculture andbenefiting from Nanotechnology in the agricultural industry.

5- Reproduction and breeding of sturgeons, shrimp
6- Creating an export terminal and cold storage for keeping aquatic animals
7- Creating port and a special dock for exporting goods
8- Creating export terminal for vegetables and fruits and sorting fruits
9- Production of cloth and clothing from animal milk (technology that is currently being implemented in Germany)

10- Creating factories producing wood and furniture industries for export

11- Leech breeding for export (all 4 leeches are equivalent to one barrel of oil)

12- Construction of edible oil tanks

13- Sports tourism - Pilgrimage tourism, medical tourism, eco-tourism (considering that Amir Kalayeh wetland is alsoconnected to the special zone and is expected to join the region)

14- Creating a health village

15- Establishment of an international financial center

16- Establish a regional marketing center

17- Gilan province has special agricultural products such as rice, olives, hazelnuts, peanuts, tea, watermelon, kiwi -which are needed to create processing plants and export terminals for the export of these products.

It should be noted that these cases are described in a very brief way. The use of technology centers to benefitfrom domestic and foreign knowledge-based companies and the latest technology in the world, as well as thecreation of a smart agricultural and tourism zone, is necessary for setting up a special zone.